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Range of services

Aesthetic dentistry

• porcelain veneers
• porcelain crown lays (inlay, onlay)
• shape and color improvements of teeth by means of composite materials
• removal of tartar, scaling
• teeth whitening
• on-tooth jewellery

Dentistry prosthodontics

• full-ceramic dental crowns and bridges and porcelain tiling
• conventional and skeleton partial dentures, no clamps
(usage of bolts, latches and bars, telescopic crowns)
• complete conventional dentures and overdenture (cover plate on latches)

Treatment of disorders jaw organ

• disfunction of temple-lower jaw joints
• clamping and creaking the teeth
• headaches


• modern root canal treatment during one visit
• treatment of changes by the tooth peak


• prophylaxis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of parodontium and oral cavity
• weakened teeth splinting


Conservative dentistry

• caries prophylaxis of children and adults
(teeth sealing , painting teeth with fluoride varnish , Tooth Muse-remineralization of tooth enamel)
• treatment of dental caries with application of modern composite materials (nanoceramics)

Dental surgery

• tooth extraction
• tooth gouging
• tooth hemisection
• atraumatic tooth extraction
(almost bloodless operation, faster healing of bones with hard connective tissue untill later implantation)



• various dental braces

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