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Why do teeth spoil to us and how to prevent it?

Is it worth to take care of teeth?

Teeth extraction? It is necessity!


Why do teeth spoil to us and how to prevent it?

  There are a lot of reasons. One can say that there exists some natural susceptibility to decay which arises from inappropriate amount and proportion of calcium and phosphorus in human body. However, the main cause of teeth and gums appearances is improper cavity’s hygiene. It is common belief that teeth must be brushed, however only a few know how to do it in a proper way. In our country, the level of social education in this issue is unfortunately still very low.

   Teeth spoil on account of acid action arising in cavity at the moment of decomposition of food remains by caries bacterium. The most comfortable conditions for bacterium actions there are in the night during the sleep, when there is substantially decreased the saliva’s flow containing the germicidal substances and mineral compounds which aid the reconstruction of micro-losses in teeth. In order not to give the nourishment for bacterium, it is necessary to brush the teeth precisely after every meal, especially before sleep. The usage of teeth brush exclusively isn’t often sufficient. The food remains generally fill in fissures among the teeth, in groves and hard accessible immersions, therefore in order to remove them it is required to use as well the dental thread. It is important while using the brush not to brush the teeth on their surfaces from left to right direction. Such a manner doesn’t let to clean the contiguous surfaces of teeth and moreover leads to slip the gum and to bare very sensitive necks. Properly the teeth have to be brushed with sweeping away motion, moving the teeth brush from the gum up to tooth’s top. You have to remember that brushing itself doesn’t guarantee us the beautiful and healthy teeth. A lot of patients complain that though they care about the cavity, the teeth are yellow, the stone and tooth plate accumulate on them. In such situation a help of the dentist can occur as efficient. The tooth plate is very dangerous because it leads to combustible conditions of gums, teeth motion so called “paradonthosis” and finally their loss.

   Everyone who takes care of healthy teeth should visit the dentists cabinet at least once a half a year. There should be conducted the tooth review, to clean them from sludge and stone and also to cover them with fluoric enamel. It is more and more used, very efficient preventive intervention. The thin coat of enamel provide the fluorine to teeth which significantly strengthens and hardens the teeth to influence of decay bacteria. It is recommended to children the method of teeth sealing. The drills and places where there can accumulate the food rests are fulfilled with the special seal which can prevent the teeth against the caries for many years. Numerous studies confirm that the correct hygiene of children cavity carried on from the youngest years can let to keep the healthy teeth till late years.

Monika Jędraś


Is it worth to take care of teeth? c

 The outlays of National Health Found for free of expense dental services in current year are much more lower than in the previous years. It is hard to find the dentist who has signed the contract and it is much harder to get to him. The range of free of expense dental services refunded by National Health Found is either inadequate to cover the real social needs. It causes serious anxieties about the health care of Poles and inclines to treat seriously and use the health prevention.

   Thanks to commercial advertisements of tooth-pastes, it is common belief that beautiful, white and clean teeth are the issue of cosmetics and attractive appearance, not all people can afford that. The health aspect is totally omitted. One have to stress that untreated, sick to caries teeth are the serious danger for the whole body. The carries bacteria causing the mouth infection of mouth cavity can also efficiently cause the infection of other body organs. The bacteria toxins penetrating the blood, spread and infect the blood. It doesn’t mean that it brings about the sickness immediately but they meaningly weaken the body immunity to other bacteria and viruses. Sickness of the teeth, as it is confirmed by numerous surveys, can be primal seats of rheumatic diseases, heart, reins, veins and even of rheumatism and inflammation of the iris. They can also call out the allergies. The procedures of mentioned diseases, foresee certainly and completely the treatment of all teeth. It is similarly treated the patient who is prepared for operation. The condition of operation there is also the teeth treatment. It decreases fundamentally the risk of surgical complications. Generally, we do not realize the fact that the inclination of our children to frequent angina diseases, otitis or the upper air-passages, is caused by, inter alia, advanced caries and inflammation of mouth cavity. However, as long as there is no pain or the swell, we belittle the black spots in teeth slits. The old and well known maxim says “it is better to prevent than to treat”. Today, due to hard financial situation of many families, one could paraphrase that idea and say “it is cheaper to prevent the diseases than to treat them”. It is worth calculating and to reflect, how much does the visit cost and even the private visit at the dentist, once a half of a year and how much money do we spend at pharmacies every month. About that, we spend a huge sums of money there, it is evidenced by well prospered pharmaceutical business in our country.

In order to live healthy and wealthy, unfortunately one have to be foreseeing and thrifty.

Monika Jędraś


Teeth extraction? It's a last resort!

It has passed the times when the antidote to disorders and teeth pains there was the usual extraction. Today, such an intervention should be treated both by the dentist and the patient as painful necessity. At present, the treatment methods let to keep the tooth with filled canal by the next several or dozen years. Though, that the dentistry in the world and also in Poland develops in unusual rate, it is still present in social awareness that it is better to extract the tooth and have a peace and quiet than to torture itself by canal treating and to pay for it extremely high. There is nothing more illusive in supposition that extracted tooth would remove the disease and reduce the costs. “It is frequently the beginning of problems and patient’s expenses. If the problem concerns to the premolar teeth – fore – teeth, which are disclosed while smiling, the patient without any hesitation decides upon lace or bridge which unfortunately costs much more than the canal treatment. Not everyone easily adjusts to artificial teeth. However, if the problem concerns to the premolar teeth (6,7,8) it might seem that one can’t be seen the lacks in toothing so we can live with it without any complications. Yes, but till to the certain moment. You have to remember that lack of some teeth causes additional charge to the neighbor teeth. They are more exploited, more tractable to rickety and different diseases. The loss of next teeth in the tooth arch causes the irregular occlusion and that influences disadvantageously to work of temple-mandible joint. Inappropriate position of lower jaw (mandible) comparing to the upper mandible, can cause the muscle shrinkage and in consequence, painful effects such as – frequent headaches, earaches, neck aches, clicking in joints and even to block the jaws. There exists however the possibility of implant insertion in the area of extracted tooth. However, it is quite complicated intervention and it is very expensive.

   The decision about the tooth extraction have to be conducted with discerning examination. It is necessary to take the x-ray photo of the root. The pain, round top changes, abscess and even a fistula, not always are the reasonable occasion for the tooth extraction. In that case one have to be usually extracted there is a sick pulp in tooth canal. All mentioned above diseases are caused by infected pulp which, after pulp obliteration, gradually withdraw. Prosper condition of canal tooth treatment there is a precise and complete sterilization, widening and fulfilling of the canal. The usage of an endometer – an electronic device which precisely measures the canal length, considerably increases the efficiency of such treatment. There always exists a certain risk in each treatment, however in case of the canal treatment by use of x-ray diagnostics and the endometer, it is resolved to the minimum, which is worth of consideration to keep own natural tooth.

Monika Jędraś

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